Best Qualifications for Project Managers

Project managers are in demand globally. Qualified project manager’s work in many industries, and are paid premium salaries. Job opportunities for this occupation are growing at an impressive rate of 1.5 million jobs per year. Whether you work in manufacturing, technology, healthcare, finance, construction, or business services, there is a great demand for project managers. Project managers are the people who keep everything on track and transform their companies into more profitable entities, leading their projects to success.

In addition to possessing character traits including leadership and communication skills, project management is a science that needs to be learned and understood. Qualifications in this field are essential to obtain the best job available and remain competitive in the field. Qualification options for project managers vary; however, these are the best options for an aspiring project manager.

  1. Getting a Master’s Degree in Project Management

For some people, getting an MBA with a project management focus may present as a better option for them than getting a Master’s degree in project management. However, a Master’s in Project Management has clear advantages, including:

  • A Master’s in Project Management offers better value for money. While getting an MBA may seem more prestigious, they are usually the most expensive degree option. The added value of the MBA over a Master’s degree in Project Management for someone in this industry is not worth the additional cost.
  • A Master’s degree in Project Management is more industry focused than an MBA. This degree focuses on the project management skills needed without being focused on a specific industry. This gives graduates more flexibility in their job options.

For someone considering a Master’s degree in Project Management, there are some online options that are worth considering. Online degrees allow working professionals to complete their degree without having to quit their jobs or relocate. New England College offers an online degree option that is worth considering.

The entire Master’s degree can be completed in less than 2 years, completely online. This comprehensive program introduces students to different concepts related to strategy, coordination planning, and project implementation. The program’s website offers more valuable insights into what the course entails.  

  1. Getting a Project Management Certification

There are many institutions that offer certifications in project management. Among the most respected project management institutions is the Project Management Institute (PMI). This institution offers multiple certifications in the field of project management; the most popular being the Project Management Professional Certificate, which is more popularly known as the PMP certificate.

Many of the highly rewarding project management jobs require either one or both of those certificates. However, when it comes to project management, experience is always favored. When you complement practical experience with theoretical knowledge obtained from professional certificates and degrees, the possibilities are limitless.