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END GAME I: End Of The World Game!

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《END GAME I: End Of The World Game!》章節試讀:

Thats what Beatrix Henry said, and if it were he, he wouldn have said that for fear of losing his situation as a sheriff. But now that times have changed, lets not say walkers, even humans, if they
e not heterosexuals, they
e meant to be slaves to others. If he is afraid of dying and doesn know how to make himself strong, hed rather die waiting for someone elses help. There were so many weapons in the cellar just now, and there were grenades, but they didn equip themselves with anything.

Beatrix Henry reached out his hand to the girl, who avoided awkward eyes:

– Thank you…!

– Okay, I can keep helping you. If you keep hiding behind others, youll get dumped by them one day.

– Y… yes!

The girl hurriedly pulled her hand back and ran up to the helicopter, and this awkward, somewhat urgent look made Beatrix Henry very happy. Its just that shes not a boy, hes already determined his orientation from the beginning, he won eat unless shes a man.

– All right, lets hurry up and go. If we don notify them quickly, theres a only way for civilians and warriors to die.

Esther Williams remark was correct, the warrior camp was a completely isolated area outside S. Theres no place to hide, and if too many people go there without a barrier, itll attract a lot of dead bodies. While the number of warriors is so small and the population is so large, how can we fight the zombies, and besides, the level of zombies is twice as fast as warriors!

– Esther, coming up.

Azura George opened the helicopter door and wanted Esther William with him, and he nodded in response. Its just a few steps away, and hes been dragged under both armpits by a strong hunting arm. He saw the helicopter door slamming for a moment, and he saw Bridget Henry being pushed out. Beatrix Henry kicked Bridget Henry outside and brought Esther William into his helicopter.

Azura George glanced out of the helicopter and rushed to Beatrix Henrys helicopter door, but Beatrix Henry started the helicopter rolling out of the bunker.

– You do that and by the time you get out of the helicopter, Azura George will give you a full blow.

Esther William smiled ”ha ha ” at Azura George and said to Beatrix Henry, which he seemed to ”spoke ” for an hour without caring.

– What if we break the flowerpot and get hit?

– Do all cops have that big liver? Theres also… Don you feel sorry for your brother?

Esther William laughed again as Bridget Henry followed Azura George on the other helicopter. Thats too much for them. By the time the helicopter had flown, Esther William had folded her arms against a chair, the tone was no longer as funny as it was at first:

– Tell me, you didn mean anything to me, did you?

Beatrix Henry was still working hard on the helicopter, and he was a little flustered and smiled:

– Apparently, the William familys privacy isn as thoughtless as they say. All right, I want to ask you a little about the end of the world a few thousand years ago.

– I don know much, just a quick read, you ask, if you know anything, Ill tell you.

– I have a friend who works at a bio center, whos been working on zombies, vaccines that William manipulated thousands of years ago and also had his ancestors.

– As weve seen, that vaccine does not affect this test, Mr. Beatrix, where do you think it is?

Beatrix Henry was silent, looking down at the ground, there was black smoke coming up not knowing whether it was a fire or something.

– Do you want to come and see… Did you like the meteorite?

Beatrix Henry knows where black smoke comes from. Not far away, a meteorite suddenly fell yesterday, not too big in diameter and less than three kilometers away, but a large ditch was made before it stopped, and all the surrounding houses collapsed. He can tell how strong the intensity of the fall caused the shock to fall far away, such as the dysfunctional concentration zone.

– I think the fact that the vaccine doesn work will have something to do with this.

– I think so, too.

– Then come and see, what do you think?

Beatrix Henry squinted, and he was just trying to lower the helicopter when Esther William stopped:

– I can make it.

– Why?

Esther William catches the eye.

– After the meteorite fell, I discovered that I could see. Just now, looking down… There are a lot of dead bodies around the asteroid.

They are now so high that its hard to see them well, but Esther William sees nothing missing. Beatrix Henry wanted to go to the city center, where there were so many zombies, and the mysterious meteorite was added, and they were surrounded by Esther William, who was even more curious.

– You mean see-through?

Beatrix Henry, who thought he was capable of containing energy, was already quite a paradox, and Esther William was the most outstanding. He pushed the lever a little lower to make it easier to observe. The meteorite was too far away, but it stood tall like a big mountain.

– Come to my house first.

Esther William pointed in one direction, and he could see the big villa in the distance. Whether people were safe or not, would anyone be a zombie?

– Yes.

Beatrix Henry speeds down the flight. Esther Williams house was a separate villa from the surroundings, so it was relatively quiet, and the spacious yard made the two helicopters land and did not cause any vibration.

As soon as Esther William opened the door and tried to jump, Azura George was right in front of he, with a dark look on Beatrix Henry.

– All right, all right. Beatrix is just a joke. Don make such a face.

Esther William jumped down, Azura George hugged him again and said, ”Huh ” for an hour, and if this isn the end of the world that needs more help, hell beat that Beatrix Henry to pieces.

Esther William grabbed his smile and began to call, and he couldn control him legs and ran straight into the house, and the big door was also stepped on by him.

– Mister! Father!

– Mister!

Esther William went around and saw no one, and no walkers saw the shadow. Is there no one left in his house with so many housekeepers, or have they all turned into zombies and gone to the meteorite? Thinking about this makes Esther Williams legs unsteady, how can this happen, is William the only one left now?

”Gro… Gro… ”

Suddenly, a roar-like sound came from the second floor, forcing Esther William to take a step back in surprise.

– Esther, be careful.

Azura George, Beatrix Henry, and Bridget Henry, theyve got their hands together, they know exactly what this sound is, which is worse than what theyve ever heard. This isn like the hollow sounds of the walkers, its…


The door on the second floor was briefly broken, and a roar began to sound, indicating the number of creatures walking. Esther William glared for a moment, and from the top of the stairs, there were more than ten black shadows, which in the middle were the body to which he was most important. Jocasta William, with his white eyes and countless dull black tendons, was still a straight soldiers uniform but was no longer an ordinary man.

– Jocasta!

Esther William was about to run up, and he hands was immediately pulled back by Azura George, and Beatrix Henry shouted.

– Run, they
e too many.

– The zombie standing in the middle seems to have attacked, its powerful!

Bridget Henry says its not wrong, Jocasta William is now a junior high zombie, compared to a zero-level fighter who can take out a hundred enemies. Esther Williams hand was taken away, but his eyes were always looking at Jocasta William, and just a few days ago he was holding him in his arms, and whispering in his ear some rude words that have now happened.

Esther Williams men rushed out to the yard very quickly, got on the helicopter and flew up until they came to their senses, and they discovered that Jocasta William and the other walkers were completely unchallenged. Esther William looked down, and Jocasta William looked up at the sky with a group of test-takers slowly going to the yard. The white eyes that did not see the child seemed to move again, and he tightened his hands.

Jocasta William just looked and walked away. He was tested, but his brain did not change, and although his consciousness was ambiguous, Esther William soon found out that he was no longer human. He was scared of him and ran away.

Its okay, its good to be scared, its not coming near him, he doesn know when hell be completely unconscious, until then he is just afraid Ill hurt him. Jocasta William didn know why he was in the top second grade as soon as he took the exam, only a few hours later he went up to high rank. Those walkers just saw him walking around, actively trying to be his killer.

Jocasta Williams path to the place where the meteorite fell, somehow made him feel an unbearable urge, perhaps, to form a zombie.

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